Enclosure Assembly Instructions

Toad Ranch PVC Reptile Enclosures

Congratulations and Thank You for your purchase of this

Toad Ranch Signature Enclosure!


     If assembled correctly and cared for this cage will last forever! (Well not forever, nothing lasts forever, but a really really super long time.)


Tools needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver (wrist powered or battery powered- be careful not to overtighten screws!!!- set drill clutch at 2-3)
  • Instructions- yes these are a tool and yes you need to use them.
  • An extra pair of hands is always helpful but not required


  • Coarse thread 1-1/4” #6 screws
  • Black PVC FastCap screw covers
  • PVC body panels
  • Toad Ranch Signature Frame in your favorite color
  • 2 pieces of polished edge tempered safety glass
  • Acrylic Finger Pulls
  • Any other separately purchased add-ons

Notes:  All body panels will be marked on the INSIDE cage surface as to where they go and will have an arrow that should be installed to point toward the FRONT of the cage with the exception of the back-panel arrow which should point up.  “Right” and “Left” will be as you look at the cage with it facing you.


  1. Locate PVC body panel labeled “bottom” and panel labeled “R Side”. With arrows pointing the same direction insert screws through the bottom panel into the side panel making sure the holes align.
  2. If your cage has one back panel proceed to step 2.1, if your cage has two back panels proceed to step 2.2.
    • Take the “back” panel, arrow facing up, and insert screws through the already assembled bottom and side panels into the back panel again making sure the holes line up.
    • Take panel labeled “Back R”, arrow facing up, and insert screws through the already assembled “Bottom” and “R Side” panels into the “Back R” panel again making sure holes line up.
      • Find panel labeled “Back L” and insert screws through “Back L” panel into the seam strip on “Back R” panel. Install screws through the “Bottom” panel into the “Back L” panel.
  1. Locate the “L Side” panel and install in the same manner making sure all arrows are pointing to the front of the cage and screw holes align.
  2. The remaining panel should be labeled “Top”, if not, walk a lap, calm down and start over utilizing second tool on list.
    • This is a good time to install any aftermarket lights/ heat panels etc. to the top panel.
    • If your enclosure came with ceramic fixtures, they need to be mounted to the ceiling boxes. Simply align the screws on the box with the holes in the fixture, turn to seat the screws and tighten gently (ceramic fixtures can be broken with too much torque).
    • Install “Top” with label IN and arrow pointing toward front. Before securing “Top” make sure electric cords are seated in the grooves on the back panel(s).  Secure with screws through “Top” panel into assembled body.
  3. This is the step you’ve been waiting for! Grab that beautiful Toad Ranch Signature frame and, with the enclosure on its back, seat frame with the deeper door track channel up into the cage body (this might be a tight fit, appropriate body screws may be loosened if necessary.)  Secure frame to the body with screws all the way around it. 
    • Now would be a good time to place the Black PVC FastCaps over the screws.  We provide FastCaps for the sides and top only.  We recommend if you are stacking, not to place them on the top of the enclosure you will be stacking on top of.
    • If you plan to use your enclosure as a BioActive set up or if you plan to keep a very moist environment, we strongly recommend applying sealant (included) to the seams at this point. Make sure you allow the recommended cure time before introducing your animal(s).
    • Set cage back upright and admire for just a minute.
  4. Insert the Tempered Safety Glass panels one at a time by angling up into the top track and seating back down onto the bottom track.
    • Acrylic finger pulls may be placed at your discretion.  I find the doors pull better if they are placed a little lower than halfway on the glass (this is especially true if your cage is taller than 2’).
  5. If you have ordered more than one enclosure from us your order will come with stacking hardware to stabilize your stack. Use two of the metal brackets between each enclosure screwing them into the side (edges) of the BOTTOM PANEL of the top enclosure and the TOP PANEL of the bottom enclosure.  These brackets should be angled so that the screw holes line up with the center of the edges of each of those panels.
  6. And now it’s time to get creative! Set up your mini ecosystem(s) and enjoy!! 


We want to sincerely thank you for your purchase!  We would love to see how you set up your animals, please send us your pictures or post to social media and tag us!  If you love your enclosure and had a great experience with us please take a minute to leave us a review!


Please contact us at: ToadRanchReptiles@gmail.com